Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 English Subbed

  Title:  Naruto Uzumaki!

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  • aboss_354


  • Uchia-Uzumaki

    I feel your pain

  • Eric

    Wish i wasn’t at work right now watching…

  • Muhammad Sobri Abdul Rahman

    Usually i hate filler.. but this time i wanna know what will to naruto & hinata knowing the fact that naruto anime will end soon….╯

    • Sher Alam

      it will never end!

    • Sher Alam

      this is the best anime bro

    • Amit GC

      They’ll get married and have 2 child 🙂

  • Sher Alam

    liked it but why again fillers?😢 why not the original story😢

  • Sarah

    Cant beleive its coming to an end! Naruto took 10 years of my life and to know its ending is heart breaking. Cant stop my tears especially with that song the have in the backround! Reminds me of old days. Despise fillers but i would watch any filler now on naruto and sasuke! :,(

    • Jaded fire

      There making more, its just about narutos kids and not him. Its called boruto btw. Ik they have a movie but idk about a anime set for it yet.

    • Deepanshu Rai

      I’ve got that same feelin. It’s kind of , become a part of life now :/

  • aboss_354

    Ugh the next is a filler

  • Jaded fire

    Haha naruto and saske bith lost there dominant hands XD now narutos handwriting is gonna SUCK. …….Wait….i forgot about the prospetic arm……whell

  • Jaded fire

    yeah guys lets play happy music at a feunural… polite…

    • Jaded fire

      omg 13:42 gaaras smile looks awsome XD

  • Jaded fire

    Yaaay kakashis hokage!

  • Jaded fire

    Im listining to the credits and im really sad because naruto has been a big part of my life for years now, and i know there making more….but no offence it just isint the same with all the tecnology and narutos son instead of him……..also theres a bad father son relationship…..

    • Jaded fire

      and ik its not the last episode

  • homedepot 🔨

    I lost my virginity because of Naruto

  • Shikamaru Nara

    Anyone catch the part after the credits about the ten tails being sealed in naruto! Now if he can tap into that power…

  • Itachi Uchia

    Yea I agree with u guys it was a part of me now watching him grow from scratch yea its really sad that its ending