Naruto Shippuden Episode 478 English Subbed

  Title:  The Unison Sign

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  • Shaun Davidson


  • charlie fecundo


  • Dante Dante

    should be out now!

  • Bernadette Tan

    is it done already 🙁
    is the next

    • Bernadette Tan

      lel not yet done

  • Dante Dante

    omg its so sad :S i am in tears -sniff-

  • Madara Uchiha

    Well that was nice I really enjoyed it sucks that they both loss an arm but it can be healed I guess. Looking forward to next week’s episode

  • Sher Alam


  • Sher Alam


  • Sher Alam

    I can be healed right?please heal naruto and sasukes arm in next few episodes later plzz

  • Argenta

    I cried the entire time

  • Tang C

    Anyone who thinks that Naruto and Sasuke will get there arm back well they wont. Read the manga if you want to know more. Here is a link to the next chapter to continue if you don’t want to wait for the next episode.

    • Carlos L

      *SPOILERS* Well… your kinda wrong. They won’t get their own arm back but, lady Tsunade uses infuses Hashirama’s cells into their body and those cells produce an arm by itself because Hashirama’s special healing ablities. That is why his left hand is bandaged in the movie “The Last” which recalls the aftermaths of this fight.

      • Amir McCuller

        But sasuke still has one arm doe so….

        • RobhieMattz

          They both got artificial arm.

      • Tang C

        Yeah remembered later that night. Thank man.

  • shikamaru

    they will have a prosthetic a arm ..just relax guys 😁

    • Shikamaru Nara

      Kankuro probably builds it for them!

      • Lithril Ashwalker

        would he meld their chakra points to have ability to control the movements somewhat similar to how HE(kankuro) controls them?

        • Shikamaru Nara

          Just sasuke, someone has to keep him in line!

  • Unclever title

    13:20 Suddenly, without warning Sasuke watches every episode of Naruto!

  • alphazulu


  • Sudarshan Sudhu

    Is this the last episode

  • Vanessa N Uriel

    just give them a zenzu bean0

  • Lokias

    Why would Sasuke ever say that the villagers hated him when he was young? That’s the furthest thing from the truth LOL.

    They fucked that part up really badly, makes no sense whatsoever for Sasuke to say that.

    • Runcez Ariciey

      Sasuke being hate and alienate becoz he’s the one survivor of the Uchiha. And maybe becoz of his older brother Itachi who the one who kill the fellow Uchiha then the villager imagine the shadow of his older brother within him.

      • Lokias

        Yea I understand what you’re saying but the thing is that when Sasuke was younger, he was never hated or alienated. The villagers always went out of their way to give him attention and be nice/respectful/suck up to him, point in case how he had fangirls at the academy.

        I just think it’s weird how the writers of this show chose to ignore that and instead tried to bring in the Uchiha’s rebellion as a way of trying to show that Konoha hated Sasuke because he couldn’t be trusted, which didn’t happen.

  • Jaded fire

    They just summed up the entire show! XD

  • Jaded fire