Naruto Shippuden Episode 474 English Subbed

  Title:  Congratulations

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  • Rajamin Krenz

    Yeahhh now naruto playyyyy

  • Yes No


  • Sher Alam

    Damn hell yeah!!!!
    This episode made me cry almost :’D
    Now waiting for the next Episode (Narto vs Sasuke) the EPic one!

    • Samured

      Isn’t like the next two? Just basing that off of the game.

      • Sher Alam

        yes the game is a bit different …. I dunno why episodes and the games of naruto shippuden are different

      • Sher Alam

        but still they are awesome xD

  • junz

    Then this video will happen next time

  • Johnny Tô

    whats the ost?

  • Shazeb

    Hype it up

  • Lee

    MY EYESS!!!!!!….I have to stop chopping onions while watching this show mannn

    • Argenta

      IKR freaking onions are everywhere

    • Sher Alam


    • jrazorman

      I am With you there!

    • jiggles

      not the bees!

    • Dooshan Paddia

      It’s really hard to see Naruto crying … Tears start rolling by itself :3 :'(

  • Daniel Cooper

    And we all know what comes next…

  • Some sort of Noah

    pshh im not crying your crying

  • Luffygear5th

    Cant wait for the next episode ?

  • Luffygear5th

    Cofirmation last episode is next week its called the final valey

  • Madara Uchiha

    Even though I am dead, HARAMBRE LIVES ON!!

  • Alex Shastine

    Its my birthday today too. Good Birthday present

    • shaikat101

      Happy birthday!!!!

  • TC14423

    I wonder if they are going to make an animated series about Naruto’s future son. Hope they do that would be cool

  • Yordan El Negro

    Lol misty eyes

  • kamboj sb

    Damn I cried. Crazy how it took Naruto 2 years for his birthday

  • Damn those onion-cutting shinobi, too much pain activated my Sharingan.

  • ii7mmod


  • Tamim Addari

    Damn onions everywhere -_-

  • GlizzyGang

    Aw man, It hits harder especially when you been watching the show since day 1. Amazing

  • Ram IngLe

    man why i am fucking crying !!!

  • Kenn Julius Trujillo

    The new intro of naruto is so nostalgic. OMG. I feel like crying. :'(

  • Alex Vilorio

    fucking onions same think happen when itachi die

  • Shaun Lim

    Hey! Does anyone know the song/YouTube link to the piano themed song that was played when hashirama was talking to the dying madara nearing the end of the episode? 🙂

  • Ravichan

    Lucky me Growing with you Naruto.

    • Alex

      Same bro

  • Kitsune209

    When óbito turned into a kid again I started tearing a little cause some of the smoke was getting in my eyes while my mom was cooking. Then when minato and naruto were saying bye she decided to chop onion! I mean like come on why you gotta make it worse.

  • John Dexter Rocamora

    Sooooo Painful seeing Naruto cry while saying good bye to Minato… End is Near… i feel sad thinking that this Series is about to end…

  • HeartOfChakra

    damn man i been watching this show since i was 6 yrs old and now im sad because its nearly over but all good things must come to an end and this anime has been the best

    • Alex

      I know man. My brother introduced me to Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 when i was really young an i fell in love with the show. I’m sad that the show is ending but like you said, all good things must come to an end. Breaks my heart though.

  • Fedayean Kamarulzaman

    And now the final fight begin..stupid,ego sasuke

  • Lol


  • Harodel

    I cried so many manly tears this day :'(

  • Nyunar Matha

    if only kakashi were an uchiha, then he’d be unstoppable !!

  • Kel Cudd

    You know what… I really need to find the person cutting up all that onions and beat the crap out of them!!! Ah!!!!! Gimme another bucket.

  • Madeye

    Tears came flowing at then end like


    THE LAG!

  • Timothy Perry

    Damn onions ?

    • Ram IngLe


  • Chintan Gohil

    i miss orochimaru 🙁