Naruto Shippuden Episode 473 English Subbed

  Title:  The Sharingan Revived

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  • Absolutely quality episode 😀

  • Sher Alam

    damn kaguya sealed………..kakashi man of the match :’D……….loved this episode……….EPic one !!!

  • NegativeEdgeGaming

    they really know how to drag out a scene with flashbacks……

  • Shazeb

    NOOO they cut it short again ?

    • Kolly2k9

      I totally agree with you shazeb cut it well short so its got me really mad was hoping it would be longer battle with more struggles then a big bang lame lol

      • Shazeb

        Obito went out perfectly, but yh the battle could’ve had more struggles

  • 丫oN , ┼ΗΣ CR乇▲七ØЯ

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    I stream Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Too !

  • ParaBobSki

    Best episode ever!! They finally got her

  • Kurtknows

    Well played team 7, MVP kakashi

  • Fedayean Kamarulzaman naruto and sasuke fight begin..

  • tyre216

    When i seen Sakura come from above her i instantly knew it was over for kaguya.

  • Kolly2k9

    How pathetic its the god kaguya and shes beaten in no time at all madara was more of a god than her best bits when madara was in them so very sad bad line up of episodes to a lame ending sorry but im mad im the biggest fan on earth and its over just like that that easy she might as well of not been in the story and made madara the main evil boss

    • Salman Arshad Khadim Hussain

      Fool They were in normall stage bck then now the bitches indra and ashura had got into them use common sense u fool

    • mrjimjah

      kaguya had the ability to kill them fairly easily but she spent the majority of their battle trying to absorb their chakra instead

  • Salman Arshad Khadim Hussain

    kakashi U beauty those ashura and indra are pathetic obito powers are so beautifull If they were not their naruto and sAusky Will never be able to seal that bitch away

  • Salman Arshad Khadim Hussain

    Best episode of naruto so far worth to watch i love u Mashashi kishimoto What a creative thinking u have …u have created a anime That has so many leason and awesome things

    • niki

      I’m glad to read this comment…yes indeed, people often forget that what makes this anime so great is not just all the ‘cool’ fights & characters, but more & even the most importantly, is all those many deeper moral lessons, that can be applied in our real-life too.
      Not many anime nowadays/today have even this very important aspect!

  • Octoberboiy

    Well I glad they explained how Kakashi got the susanoo a bit better, this being Obito using the chakra ability Minato used to seal part of himself in naruto. It’s just like how Kushina’s chains ability was able to be used temporarily in Naruto when he was first unsealing Kurama. Kakashi was able to do the same with Obito’s ability. Although I wish we could see it longer and that Kakashi could have had it as Hokage.

  • 14 years to end like that without even a double episode. gtfo out of here. been hard core fan for a long time – son in this pic is named Jiraiya… Believe. I am disappointed :(!

    • Al McCarty

      Its not over….

    • Phanx

      So you say you are hardcore fan but all you do is watch the anime and assume it’s over without even glancing at the manga?

  • The Protector

    Naruto is better than sasuke (wartime)

  • ChakraSurge

    I was pissed watching all of the fillers.. but I’m actually wishing they made more cause this is finally coming to an end.. What is life without Naruto? Lol

    • Prescription


    • Samured


    • moonrays00

      gotta watch one piece :3

    • harshith uchiha

      I bet nothing can ever replace Naruto … That is for sure ! I bet naruto made us a better person then who we were before … Naruto is always with us … maybe not like how kurama is inside of him but i bet you would have experienced his presence … when ever your afraid think about how he fought pain the adrenaline boost you get it cant be measured ….. a proud naruto fan

      • Jaded fire

        I suggest u wach narutoSD

  • Enrique Santa cruz

    I cant believe Naruto is going to be over….. this is sad i truly hope they make something more like this.


      It already is over.

      • ChakraSurge

        I’m speaking more among the lines of the anime.

        • YUNG LINK

          Well, we know how it ends, so.

    • Luffygear5th

      He still has to become hokage so lets hope so

  • Eldrick Chong Ming Loong

    HUH? will sasuke and naruto going to have their final battle?.i dont want to see the end of the world war without their battle

  • Luffygear5th

    There should be atleast a part where naruto finaly gets to be hokage

    • Otaku ,

      there is its called “The day naruto became a hokage” its a short film but worth watching sasuke and sakura are married and naruto and hinate are married and have 2 childrens 1 is buruto the other i dont know so yea worth watching it

      • Luffygear5th

        I think i will spice it up a bit and wait for it to come out in dub well lets just hope so

  • Chintan Gohil

    why kakshi and obito both didn’t use kamui?

    • Zulfiqar

      Because kakashi didn’t have sharingan at that moment:-(

  • Zulfiqar

    I can’t bleive they got her so fast.That giant black orb she summoned was for what lol so that’s how the god get sealed for the second time:D

    • lolthatorb

      lol that orb

  • LosezTj

    I’m sorry but that ending was WEAK the game ending was way better it was epic and well did

  • Neji Hyuuga

    Yeah its pretty much done. I think they made an error like dbz did with dragonball gt and z
    Because bouruto is way in the future.

  • Madara Uchiha

    Naruto is far from over trust me

  • The most epic battle is on it’s way. Naruto vs. Sasuke.

  • Madara Uchiha

    You do realize Naruto isn’t over yet someone is gonna fight someone and it is the most amazing fight I had ever seen and can’t wait to see it in motion

  • Madara Uchiha

    Oh wait uchiha madara is back

  • Drew Haaland

    Is there life after Naruto? I think it’s called Tower of God

  • Vernon Balinag

    Naruto vs Sasuke coming soon 🙂

  • Muhammad Nurohman

    Finally.. after many years naruto is going to be over and a lot of lectures we got from this anime especially about friendship and work hard to reach what we want to be. Thanks Masashi Kishimoto you’re Genius.

  • Psyched FTW

    It’s not even over :O

  • Luffygear5th

    If the anime ends on the 8 of september it only means 2 more episodes well that just not cool

  • Zafar Ul Haq

    now i’m waiting for boruto series

  • james uchiha

    WOW i cant just beleive it right now this long long journey all the naruto fans day 1 people the g people who watrched mainly all the episode its just crazy man to see the people finnaly see the endingi ts just crazy and amazing i hope it just showcase like narutos son or just like the life and adventures of naruto the hokage or even bc the show is over have like more showing that naruto get elected hokage its just crazy and the adventure was long for filling jounrey naruto creators you did well you did well…..

  • jay vee

    cant believe naruto is going to end..huuhuhuhu, naruto became my stress reliever, my abstract friend (hehe) during my high school years until now that i’m already a registered pharmacist :), NARUTO UR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!