Naruto Shippuden Episode 471 English Subbed

  Title:  The Two of Them...Always

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  • JP Uzumaki

    Awsome episode well nearly most of the movie was Obitos flashback but it was awsome lol good job

  • Junior Rosier

    this is so sad i feel like crying

    • Ali Koizumi

      I cried

      • Junior Rosier

        rip obito

  • Superior Bob



      that was probably the second sadest naruto episode eva

  • Junior Rosier

    awsome episode very intresting episode

  • 丫oN , ┼ΗΣ CR乇▲七ØЯ

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    I stream Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Too

  • WaveGods

    Good episode

    • Ruot Lony

      it was not good it was unbelievably good

  • Heero_Yuy

    those last 10 minutes got me 🙁

  • Pete Matthews

    someone call vegeta. he is used to fighting at x100 gravity.

  • SKy

    amazing episode, this is why Naruto is one of the best animes out there!

  • Ruot Lony

    rip my favorite character

    • Marvin Giles Jr.

      tell me about it

  • Gavin Grant

    so much fillers wth

  • DIbya

    Is anime gonna continue after Manga is finished

  • mg

    Awsome Epsiode

  • junz

    i super love this anime thats why i named my son naruto.

    • oz

      hey would you know the song name at 11min?

  • oz

    what was the soundtrack at 11 min???

  • Tharo Vantha

    filler is fine, but i have been watching these flashback plot so many times.

  • Kimrod Tolu Powell

    thought he would have given kakashi the sharigan

  • Tony Shine

    Hello guys, anyone here know the name of sound that used in this scene? Thank you.

  • marcus Hepburn

    11 min of stuff we allredy seen

  • Don Carlone

    i got a good feeling obito didn’t died but got stronger with with that vicious blow.

    • Miguel Baes

      he died in the game and manga

      • Don Carlone

        yea but the tv show are always a bit different.

  • Kaneki

    i read this part in manga after he died he pass his two sharingan to kakashi….sorry my english is bad correct me if im wrong

    • Ali Koizumi

      Your english was good, don’t worry.

  • Kaneki

    here see this

  • Neji Hyuuga

    Me to

  • Neji Hyuuga

    In the manga kakashi gets a susono sk that means obito is going to give him both sharringan.

  • Neji Hyuuga

    ★★★★ I wonder is this almost the end of naruto

  • Aravind Samy

    How to download next episode??

  • Nikolai Valentinov Vramnik

    Any1 know the song from 5:23/9;17 ??