Naruto Shippuden Episode 468 English Subbed

  Title:  The Successor

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  • Sasuke Uchiha

    I waited 2 weeks for Sasuke to fight Naruto because thats all it was. Why did they give indra all Sasuke skills when indra had his own type of sharingan. And the Ashura using the rasengan. It’s ridiculous

    • Juraj Pavlovič

      I gotta agree, this episode was fuc*ing ridiculous. Naruto´s father invented Rasengan and they just gave it to Ashura, and how the fu*k did Ashura obtain Mukton (Wood) Jutsu? It´s not something you can get just because your father gave you power of the six path. Firts Hokage was the only one who ever possesed this power but, “hey, it looks cool so ashura will have it too”. The studio became lazy af in last months. Im really glad the fillers are over, tough I´m pretty sure they will be arrogant enough to put another fillers in there.

      • Albert Morgan

        I also concur with both of you. This is just far too much to bear already. Totally preposterous!

    • Kingg

      Hey guys what you have to understand is their the ancestors of all the Naruto characters we grew to love they created and perfected jutsu so down the line wood style wind style water etc was created by them

      • den li

        Still you remember hagoromo saying Indra invented techniques that even he himself couldn’t do? So even the wood style was invented later on

  • JP Uzumaki

    Awsome guys!! but still another?

  • Rob Michael

    I definitely agree this was ok in learning about them and what not but geez the same sharingan and hashiramas wood style 1000 armed konan this isn’t very orginal at all… and next week it’s fuccing filler this is some straight bullshit waited two weeks for shit we could’ve thought of our selves… then it’s gonna be filler for God knows how long.. geez looks like I won’t be watching for a while.

  • Soulgriffin

    There’s still fu*king filters. Look at the preview ?

  • Aundre Parsells

    a next fillter in the love of god come on man come on

  • Len Kagamine

    so next episode is kakashi’s face??Seriusly i have waited for several years to see his face LOL

    • Code_2008

      They already did this episode many years ago. They’re trying to pass it off as a new episode. Sad.

  • Itachi

    Ahhh the trailer for the next episode is a stupid filler.

    • Sasuke Uchiha

      Big Brother can u go force the developers the get back on track?

      • Itachi

        *pokes forehead* forgive me Sasuke, I have an important mission to do, another time perhaps.

        • BonGiggity

          I gotta say, seeing your guy’s comments was the only good that came from tuning in to this stupid episode lol

          • Itachi

            Glad to be of some help lol.

        • FreeWilly

          Yall some weirdass niggas

          • Itachi

            Lol it was the only chance I had to say that line so i had to.

  • Rupin Raj Kanet

    fuck this shit, i ll occupy myself with bleach until the war starts again, this is bullshit, da fuck happened today, they took 2 weeks for this piece of shit

    • CDRking

      gtfo here then

      • Rupin Raj Kanet

        you gtfo , ill whine the shit outta here

        • CDRking

          Stupid asshole. Idc if you whine but gtfo if you don’t want to watch.

    • Edgar Portillo

      go read the manga if you want it that badly. stfu already

  • naruto uzumaki

    Of cause they got those jutsus they are their reincarnations. So of cause they got their jutsus and hey haters if u dont like the filltef just dont watch me, they put a lot of work into it so FC off, naruto is the best keep it up guys.

    • CDRking

      yeah so many impatient ppl commenting about fillers wherein this filler showed how sasuke and naruto’s power started (they’re all just reincarnations) lmao so many ppl talk hate and yet they’re most idiotic person here.

    • oy54321

      Right.. I really like the filler of Ashura.. I don’t know with those guys keep complaining. They always complain no matter what. When they see the fight of sasuke and naruto they find another way of complaining.. Stupid people will always be stupid, they didn’t even contribute a thing, and to think that the episodes are free they don’t even have any gratitude.. Thanks and more power. thats all

    • Sasuke Uchiha

      I’ll kill you NARUTO!!! Oh wait we don’t know where you are Haha. #Boruto

  • Blaze MeOut

    boooooo this story is so fake …. even indra’s eyes are too similar to sasuke’s … if you look in the past manga indra’s eyes are suppose to look like the rinnegan swirls … this was just scrapped to juice more money out of the anime … if the story was taken seriously none of this crap would exist

  • Albert Morgan

    Bollocks!!!! A filler behind another filler… and over and over and over and over and over…. What the heck is wrong with naturo’s creators? Specially Kishimoto…..? Even at this point and still the overflow of fillers overwhelming us…. I mean this is just ludicrous!

  • Kimrod Tolu Powell

    enough with the fillers.. plus even though i get that its said minato is the creator of the rasengan.. and hashiramas wood style its his alone . but remember those guys didnt know the full history of there past. plus ashura is basically hashirams,minato and naruto’s defendant. so possible he had those jutsu( a ultimate keke-kenki )

    • den li

      Makes some sense, though I’d prefer a more powerful variant befitting the levels

  • Meeran Fakih

    Asura isnt using exact rasengan all tho it is a little bit different and it wasnt wood style it was something like earth style but still we waits for 15 days to watch an episode and now in the next episode there is a fucki*g flash back

  • Vitor Pereira

    Odds are that they put more time to do the intro, then to think of what the episodes should really be…

  • Akshay Patil

    So this whole episode was about Hagoromo being an ass in the past and ganging up against his own son

  • Sheldon Aleixo Rodrigues

    Does anyone know the soundtrack used when Ashura fights indura with the wood style and stuff???

  • RedJesterDT

    Yea I get it but where do u think the senju uchiha clan minato Naruto sasuke got this from they inherited it from ashura and Indra
    I still don’t get the rasengan part tho

  • den li

    Yeah, I’m like wondering how ashura could use the power of the 9 tails just like naruto. Also why didn’t Indra have his own power set yet he had a different sharingan

  • ali tartoussi

    i actually like this filler more then the anime

  • Shiv Kamal Upadhaya

    Again A Special Mission episode? Shit…

  • john rexel cabes


  • Jaded fire

    I thoght minato created rasangan