Naruto Shippuden Episode 455 English Subbed

  Title:  Moonlit Night

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 455 Moonlit Night

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  • saleh yahiaoui

    is this the last episodes of naruto shippuden ?
    no more news ?

    • ryan cooper

      no its not the last episode there is a preview for the next episode so it cant be

      • saleh yahiaoui

        ah ok thanks bro

    • ryan cooper

      “the next episode of the anime series is going to come out next week, April 7. But, the outlet did not mention anything that would explain the delay, instead they just described it as a break for the production.”

      • saleh yahiaoui

        i understand than you man

  • Aidil Mimi

    where the episode 455??just waiting…urrrhhhh

  • fadhil35

    when the episode 456 release ??

    • Cristiano_bae

      its every thursday

  • Shawn Lionheart

    This is bs man! They just keep telling the same story over and over again. Just end the freaking series already!

    • Georg Grossmaier

      Are you kidding me? This episode was superb!

      • Lil_PG13

        I actually enjoyed this episode. It gave a broader perspective of what happened that night.

        • Adrian Tacuycuy

          ahahah.. have patience… hehehe

  • :V


  • Jason stuff


  • Waters

    why the fuck is there so many fillers for, this shit is getting more annoying.

  • Andy Murry

    why i cant watch.. this episod suck

  • Adrian Tacuycuy

    just be patience :3

  • JavaJunkie

    Itachi is epic as fuck but a traitor is a traitor. Itachi is the judas iscariot of naruto.