Naruto Shippuden Episode 451 English Subbed

  Title:  Birth and Death

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 451 Birth and Death

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  • JP

    Narutos the best, theres a big message for all humanity in this Anime and i hope it gets to all people

  • Thank god! The fillers have ended!

  • Update: Turns filler 10:45 minutes in.

  • Peťo Tejedy


  • dandy

    its not problem for me … I like NORMAL fillers 🙂

  • Jackie Redmond II

    At their back on the main story now… Better than all the side stories, and Itachi is worth a few episodes to learn his background…

  • UchihaAvenger0909

    Itachi’s fillers are more entertaining then all the other ones we have seen and it’s better

    • Candace

      I believe this is canon. This is from Itachi Shinden Books called Bright Light and Dark Night. We will be able to understand Itachi’s background story before and after the Uchiha’s Massacre.

  • Judester

    i just love learning and watching about itachis life whether its his past or not

  • abdou abdallah

    452 :/

  • Kanye disciple

    I would mind if they started over when the lord fourth was a kid until he Becomes hokage

  • tsubasa uchiha

    ikr this the best anime evere

  • Juffee Dupee

    its not only an anime its a great message for all human kind as well

  • Danyial Khan

    yes i also want to watch lord fourth’s story too ….

  • Omygosh I’m about to finish this.. I can’t believe ?? Altho I know how it will end already… (Read the manga)

  • Steven K

    I’m on my way to the store to buy champagne to celebrate the end of the fillers

  • JavaJunkie

    @JP What message? A traitor is a traitor no matter how you paint the picture.

    • Mitchie Ahinkurah