Naruto Shippuden Episode 447 English Subbed

  Title:  Another Moon

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 447 Another Moon

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  • Amir McCuller

    I don’t care what no one says last couple of episodes were fucking fantastic!!!

  • Jairo Herrera

    The Naruto vs Pain fight are parallel to the actual fight. I can’t believe I’m not surprised. Questioning that in order to use the six paths technique, there must be actual dead bodies to use. Nonetheless, I saw Deidara eradicate the entire village along with Yahiko. Thus, his body shouldn’t been revived when the blast had shredded his body to nothing. Moreover, they shoulded made Nagato use his actual body due to the fact he didn’t used the Gedo Statue nor getting his legs damage by Hanzo, yet still using that machine walker like in the original story line.

  • Stefan Lupasco

    when will the fillers stop?

    • beangie .

      When, I don’t know at least next week will be a filler as well, but once they go back to the main story line, Naruto will end in 5 to 10 ep,
      they are only extending the show, but with low quality fillers… sadly…

  • Nezareth Sanchez

    the last episodes were awsome your right admir

  • Pato Krošlák

    Actually its retarded how can naruto have a kyubi when kushina is alive and she got kyubi inside. So theres 2x kyubi ? Please just stop the fillers everyone hate this. And need to better animation

    • Sohan Dasgupta

      Actually you are retarded because naruto has half and kushina has the other half or Yin and Yang for example boruto. and if u want better animation go to the people who do it

    • Visionz a.k.a Viziez

      if you think that it’s retarded, kyubi was always split in half and these fillers are amazing, or do you want naruto anime to end soon?

  • Sandro Cepollaro

    pfff…the greatest episodes ruined in 20 mins….

  • Danyial Khan

    when will they show fight of six paths naruto and rennagan saskae vs six paths madara?

  • wehungryfor$$$


  • Uchiha Madara