Naruto Shippuden Episode 446 English Subbed

  Title:  Collision

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 446 Collision

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  • Jamal

    Instead of the filler make some more gaiden series episodes

    • Reanne

      Shippuden is not even finished… The last cannon episode was when everyone was under infinite tsukuyomi Genjutsu if you remember? Gaiden won’t be coming out for another year, at least until Shippuden is over.

    • Vishnu

      looks like we are stuck in infinite tsukuyomi

  • Dilqn Georgiev

    what happened to naruto and others. They were under the sasuke’s susano

  • Rael Warr

    OMG, how Itachi died. That sucks.

  • ShdwKnight

    I really hate FILLERS, they take away from the MAIN DISH and start to make it Null and Void.

  • Marvin Sims

    I Still Dont Get how naruto lost he was 3 tails not 1 tail there should have been a diffrence in power


    that episode was beyond stupid naruto with sage mode(he beat pain with it) lose to simple sharingan sasuke and itachi dying like that omg i wanna punch the guy that made that filler

  • This epis0de was s0 stupid and rushed tf

  • Adebunmi Micheal

    This episode is fucked up… I’m sure in the next episode he is going to beat pain… Why can’t he beat sasuke and how did his sage mode remove quickly….. This is more than insane….. Kishimoto you deserve a knock on the head.

  • Dave

    you all fail, its the book that jaraiya wrote, so he couldnt have possibly known any real outcomes and power levels….


      so jiraya the legendary sannin thought so little of sage mode and kurama power and also itachi who was one of the best since he was born ?(i keep a ? for itachi death because i hope even in the filler is a genjutsu)

  • Goodman Nhlakanipho Madlala


  • Lekan

    This was quite entertaining

  • Sandro Cepollaro

    hey i have an idea!….lets start with the story now hmm? the real one back in 426 -.-”

    • Dwaine James

      sandro when the start releasing the war episodes msg me on fb lol

  • Michael Allison Wallace

    We have to wait for a good wild the production team taking a break from the mean story

  • John Christer D. Galdo


  • Ochieftain

    This is the gayest Narutto ep. ever!

  • Stefan Lupasco

    they just ruined one of my favorite Naruto moments! 🙁

  • thelastshinobi

    Itachi would never do that lmao

    • Dwaine James

      truee LMAO

  • Jonas Kyle Ivanrae Batucan

    They Almost Kissed…

  • Uzumaki Naruto


  • watchin

    the gayness is too strong!!! and why the fuck is always Naruto unconscious and beat at the end?! I’m pretty sure he’s stronger than sasuke this time around.

  • what kind of fucked up episode is that ? what is happening to naruto ? everything is a mix up and where is the war ? madara fight kaguya fight ? seriously very disappointed with naruto anime community

  • Emmanuel Somes

    patya na naruto..

    • saleh yahiaoui

      english pls

      • ryan cooper

        i think that translates to “kill naruto”