Naruto Shippuden Episode 445 English Subbed

  Title:  Pursuers

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 445 Pursuers

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  • Hawk

    hehehe , he is brain washed

  • Rahul Jonah

    does anyone know when the fillers will end

    • nomad

      Were the latest fight for madara and naruto i cant wait there is so many flashback. Damn i cant wait

  • gauchez

    at least 2 more fillers, dont know more about whats next. maybe filler maybe canon but we will have 20 filler episodes in a row and a 5 month filler streak. got to be some kind of record. since episode 394 till now we got 8 canon episodes.

  • Leighton Sappleton

    what up with nagato

  • TimmyTurner

    you know they’re slacking when they put filler in a filler episode wtf is that!!

  • crapfuck

    i never bothered watching the fillers b/c i thought they took away from my experience watching the actual show, but now it has been so long i can’t even remember what happened in the last relevant episode– now why would i bother finishing the series five months later when i’ve lost all interest

    fuck u filler-making pricks

  • Shithead

    Cant they understand there’s no one else watching this filler maybe should watch again dragonball super.. ang forget naturo now. Story is so nonsense…stupid creator of naruto

  • Someone annoyed

    You ignorant little boys have to understand that fillers are not there to just bore us. Studio is working hard on the final episodes and just pushing these out to fill in the mean time.

    Do I dislike fillers? Yes I ofcourse I do.
    Do I cry without thinking first? I sure do hope not.

    • Extreme Gaming

      you really are annoying all he said was he did not like them like you said maybe you should learn to read carefully because it did not look like he was crying.

      • Someone annoyed

        “fuck u filler-making pricks”
        “stupid creator of naruto”

        Yeah, sure, totally grateful people.

    • Extreme Gaming

      i never said thy liked it read plz learn how to

      • Someone annoyed

        .. Your sentences lack every form of grammar, spelling and punctuation, how the fuck am I supposed to read your gibberish?’

        What is your point? Preferably phrased in a sentence that isn’t written by a 6 year old,’plz’?

  • Danny

    The same thing is gonna happen like in the old naruto were they were also trying to get sasuke back ; -;

  • Izhan Iswandy Abdullah

    the history remind all…

  • Belal

    those goddamn fillers!!!! so boring!