Naruto Shippuden Episode 444 English Subbed

  Title:  Rogue Ninja

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 444 Rogue Ninja

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  • persephone

    When the fillers stop?
    On 2017 or something?

    • beangie .

      I know right?, Awful Amount of Fillers started xmas 2014, and now we are at 2016 and the war that started near 24th Dec 2014, havent end by 2016 🙁 I bet there will be at least 1 more month of fillers, and then some more x))))

  • Narutorocks2002

    Shut up at least naruto won’t end because of this

    • UchihaUzumaki

      Finally someone agrees with me!

  • Jonathon Fenton

    What the fuck none of these guys are alive

    • beangie .

      OFC they are not alive, those fillers are based on “Jiraiya” Book “Ninja Scrolls” this is not Cannon Episode it’s a filler… that’s why they have different clothes, styles, and even Naruto and Sasuke are Closer than they ever would.

  • David Truong

    Wtf. Kakashi lose to sasuke in terms of Genjutus?! Bs.

  • apin

    Always filter

  • kioinde cox

    this season is called awful fillers for people who are asking when will it end

  • beangie .

    And next week it will be a filler as well… so meh… I stopped watching like 2 months ago, just came to check the fillers and I am on my way to other stuff

  • Hawk

    they are repeating the whole story with a different angle 😛

  • Luagor

    Don’t forget Tsunade is dreaming all this, so it is a BACK FLASH remix.

  • saima rai

    when will they start playing actual story. so tired of watching same story over n over again from everyones point of view.

    • johntimber

      Same here.

  • Prabhat Monga

    saima naruto gonna end in feb so there is gonn be filler n on wants te end

  • Dominic LeBlanc

    usually i’m not one to complain about anime because of how much effort is taken to make episodes, but they really need to get back on track. It’s not like they don’t have enough plot to move on, I mean hell, the manga is already over. by now this whole dreamworld arc is a wasted effort, because in the end it’s not real! XD

  • senpai

    Though i enjoy seeing everyones POV id much rather see progression though i read the manga theres a mysticism about watching the story unfold without having to read (except the subtitles gata read those)


    i love naruto i even liked the ending in manga that everyone hates ,i will be sad when the anime ends and i will definetly want more but let it go out with some decency arleady all those fillers i almost forgot what happened in the real story, i doubt that even the 1% of the fans that used to wait on their screens for the next episode still doing it or even watch the anime

  • Jay Dee

    fuck filler!