Naruto Shippuden Episode 443 English Subbed

  Title:  The Difference in Power

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 443 The Difference in Power

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  • Daniel O’Brien

    When they gonna stop with the fillers????

    • Mike Jones

      probably after new years they did this last year too

  • UchihaUzumaki

    Filler are the best, especially when you have already read the manga!

  • persephone

    Seriously enough with the fillers.
    In the new year please continue the story. xD

  • Kevin KS

    Please continue the story…

  • Drew2boss4u

    I cry cuz the fillers won’t end

  • demannman

    i thought the manga ended so why are they going on with this fillers

  • Kareem Taha

    tajuu endless fillers no-jutsu !

  • Dr_Gammaray

    Why does this even exist? This is completely irrelevant to EVERYTHING.

    It’s a fucking fictional story that Jiraiya made INSIDE of Tsunade’s dream. What possible purpose could this fucking serve!?

  • eslpideodeo

    man I say fuck this nonsense, naruto’s getting criminally lame.

  • noynoysalongcong


  • Novak Lukovic

    wtf naruto why ??? this not naruto

  • Tony Ramos

    Wow what the hell is this? this is not fucken madara vs sasuke and naruto

  • gerald

    Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4, is gonna be faster than the anime

  • kiyrow its been five months what if they are saying madara has won and now we all dream pointless ova filler FOREVER! lol XD

  • Soul

    I really cant believe they’re expanding on a false story can they at least finish the true one first.

  • Mor Atias

    This episode is really good for a filler

  • Donquixote Doflamingo

    wtf is this shit, just end this awful story

  • NarutsuGaming

    Why it takes forever ._.