Dragon Ball Super Episode 50

  Title:  Goku vs. Black! The Road Towards the Sealed Future

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  • GregD474

    Just use the dragonballs to restore the time machine, problem solved.

  • Bombs_away_Boyz


  • Srini

    Add English subtitles please ! Been waiting for over an hour


    no subs!!?????

  • jay

    where is the sub

  • KingLosooo

    it takes them time for the subs

  • Death_God_Kyoki

    i swear one piece sub be on point this shit nah fam thats why one piece is my fav anime.


    Quit whining about english subs not coming in early and try at same time to be positive. At least you’re learning a bit of Japanese from watching the episode in Japanese. By now after watching these Japanese anime for years now you should have at least some level of understanding of the language. I have by now become very good in Japanese just by watching these animes and remembering what the common words mean. You should be grateful you can watch these episodes for free!

    • Potato

      fucking weeb! saying he can speak japanese by watching anime. hahahahahahha xD

      • Deaf Befoor Disshonor

        fukin idiot acting like the episodes comes to usa in english. hahahahahahahahaha xD

        • HOTTEDD_TURF

          gogoanime.io is a good site that gets English subs before most anime sites. Pay attention to that jerk and these others who whine like babies over subs.

  • marukodesu

    Berus will just kill black goku. because he he committed a criminal offense by traveling to present

  • javier orellana

    Well 4 more episode to know who he is


    The ending was surprising

  • tyrone cash

    i never really got how there was a second time machine during Cell Saga.

    • asd

      Dbz had 3 cells, perfect cell timeline, future trunks timeline and present.

      • tyrone cash

        i figured it out now. i was a little confused on how Trunks was still alive to travel back the second time to fight the androids, if cell kill him for the time machine. I thought about it. Cell killed the Trunks that destroyed the future androids creating another timeline/time machine & went back a full year early of Trunks first visit to the past. thanks

    • xostrowx1991

      Remember there was the time machine that Trunks used to go back to the past that he took back to future with him and there was also that moss covered time machine that CELL used to go back into the past to find Android 17 and 18 with! But since Gohan killed Cell he never took back the time machine HE came back in! So Bulma just put the Cell Time Machine into a capsule!


        Yes that time machine was the one that Cell took from Trunks after Cell killed Trunks by a surprise attack. Trunks had realised this and so was able to evade Cell’s stealthy attack when he went back to the future to defeat android 17+18 plus Cell. “I read your palm big guy”. I do believe the episode was “free the future”. It’s sort of puzzling though how Cell got to get hold of the time machine, which trunks was that he killed and from what time line? I always wondered about that.

      • tyrone cash

        i figured it out now. i was a little confused on how Trunks was still alive to travel back the second time to fight the androids, if cell kill him for the time machine. I thought about it & i got it now thanks

  • gnaG floW

    That ending tho!
    Also that close up before the credits.. Was that a sign of life??

    • gnaG floW

      Preview gave me the answers I was looking for lol

  • Bryanna

    *get depressed* Future Trunks-sama and Mai…. I don’t want them together. The next episode…. *sighs* I have mixed feelings about it. This episode was great though

  • Marlon Coates

    Vegtia, still the deepest character next to his son and I’m totally digging the Trunks and Mai thing, such an interesting dynamic?

  • xostrowx1991

    Dammit future trunks! Get away from Mai Waifu! (c wat i did thar?….)

  • pie

    i like how bulma still has her weapons from times past 16:04

  • Chris Ridgeway

    Really? That was…okay… I kinda wanted more.

  • Masamune Zero

    I still miss the original English dub from the older DragonBall, but I’m starting to like hearing it in its native Japanese

  • Arocee

    Hilarious, by the way, what’s with that ad infested site? Any ad infested site in everyone’s book is garbage.

  • Vijay Katari

    waiting for more episodes ……….released quickly