Dragon Ball Super Episode 48

  Title:  HOPE!! Again - Trunks Wakes Up in the Present!

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  • ohgod___


  • video won’t work

    • RandomiZed

      When I was first watching, I got to 19 min. It froze there. Haven’t been able to get it working again

      • The video won’t start at all for me

      • Amir McCuller

        I went through the same thing jus refresh it

    • Quang Phu1998

      It work for me normal 🙂

  • Austin Williams

    Doesn’t work for me either

  • Working for me now 🙂 good episode

  • why is there no subtitle

  • Taco The Christmas Elite

    Episode retitle: both trunks freak the fuck out

  • Shrikant kumar

    No subtitles man! How do I understand Japanese for fucks sake!.

  • Elvin Escobar

    Mine doesn’t have English sub : (

  • Shisui Uchiha

    I dont have english sub titles

  • Carl Magna III

    so little happened on this episode

  • Offset Solo

    too live

  • Jorge Mango

    OMG cant Wait for the next episode

  • JP Uzumaki

    Nice works guys, cant wait for the next battle. was wondering why didnt golu and vegeta use super saiyan blue at dragon ball Gt based on dragon ball super its most likely the past of DragonBGt

    • some guy

      cuz apparently dragonball gt is considered non canon, so none of those events actually happened

    • Aidan Bryan

      That would be because they made GT before this – and as sg said, it’s non-canon

  • Quang Phu1998


  • Melfren ODang Gonzales Per

    It doesn’t work on me either !

  • gnaG floW

    Illegitimate brother hahaha

  • Legacy Success Ent.

    this is some bullshit! damn video won’t work!. yall mofucker crashed the video!!