Dragon Ball Super Episode 47

  Title:  SOS from the Future! A New Black Enemy Appears!

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  • Blissinthemix Sims

    hobo trunks

  • Shamsuddin Channa

    I can’t load subtitles. Are they even there or i need to activate them somehow??

  • florin

    it`s going like GT

  • kirk

    good god this is worse than GT ever was.. is there any consistency anymore to dragon ball? nope. why for do we need to change future trunks hair blue? his hair has NEVER been blue.. but whatever.. id really just like for this series to get better or end.. because right now IMO GT was much better storyline and fighting wise so far.. and animations were no where near this bad in DBZ or DBGT, maybe dragon ball but good gawd… who hired these animators?

    • Dekosem

      Then why you watch this? :p bet you didn’t watch dbz at all and you know it only from Dragon ball Xenoverse game

      • kirk

        i’ve watched dragon ball since before funimation had rights to it, and dbz had better voices to boot. so for nearly 20 years or better? and i have multiple dvd sets/copes of db/dbz/gt, which i regret now, because no reason i should have 3 diff box sets of the same stuff.

    • Dekosem

      And about trunks hair it meant to like it. In original Drawings of toriyama in 90’s trunks had blue hair so your argument is invalid

      • kirk

        original drawings are all black and white, and all the “Colored” versions were all fan made.

        • Dekosem

          you don’t understand. Bulma had purple hair in manga in Manga but in anime she had blue. Seems with trunks got the same btw can’t people change the color of their hair with time?

        • David Bass Jr

          Yeah that kid made a really stupid argument…

    • Mark Sidney Foster

      what’s wrong with gt? i liked gt

    • John Mandrake

      a lot of peoples hair color changes naturally with time you know

    • Josh


  • Dekosem

    I just love the war about the hair. just invade japan if you want to change it ffs 😀

  • SoósGergő


  • John Mandrake

    .the lettuce thing with Beerus..that was probably the best lettuce commercial I ever saw

  • John Mandrake

    this is how Goku would have turned out probably if he hadn’t hit his head lolol

  • Tipp DaGod

    Why is the evil goku looking guy called black goku. I feel some kind of way

  • Victoria

    Watching this makes me feel extremely old. I mean Jeez I was watching the Buu saga in like 4th grade or something.

  • Brandon Van Scoy Cloud

    This episode once again proves who the most feared being in the universe is……………… Chichi

  • JhayePepp

    when is trunks future not getting destroyed lol